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Geomath-Mapping Equipment


Surveying equipment geomath In the year 1379 By a group of graduates of mapping the orientation of your establishment and operation of import from a reputable company began mapping parts manufacturer. Received multiple agencies, including laica (leica) Switzerland, Sanding (sanding) , DAD, etc., as well as certification of repair of factories of fame Zhyvmat is next, followed by except the import and sale, Repair parts and after-sales service was established in Zhyvmat.

For your convenience surveyors cherish this book in Persian types of Total Station Leica and theodolite digital, manuals Persian Total Station Leica TS and manual types of GPS by Garmin proliferation, and also each of these booklets can be downloaded from the site also .

Digital compasses, compass Clark, Brunton compass, compass SRT, Digital, Laser meter Leica, asymmetric LINEX meters, meters 50 M mapping, wheel meter, inclinometer, India Level, Evening gauge handy, hammer, geology, Chpqy Total station, charger types of Total Station Main and Chinese, cable discharge and also all the batteries of electronic devices mapping the import equipment mapping is Zhyvmat

All parts and accessories mapping ranging from tripods, wooden tripods Leica, Tripod aluminum tripod Zenit, tripod Svkya, tripod Tapkan and Nyaqsam of the Charter of the Charter Leica, charter Pentax, charter Tapkan, charter Leica , Reflectors Leica, reflector sheet Leica mini prism Leica mini prism Chinese, models Zhalvn, Zhalvn graded, Zhalvn Leica, Zhalvn Chinese, Zhalvn long, Zhalvn stuck, Pnsy, Mir, Mir-wide mortality by around a calibrated balance L, flush the original angle, elevation angle Amman, available in the company is ready to deliver.

The company is an importer and seller of a variety of leveling and leveling Chinese, leveling Leica, leveling joggers and runner, leveling the building and benchmarking building, leveling the digital and benchmarking of Mkanykymy and the services of all these devices in the enterprise performs accepts.

Theodolite surveying equipment Zhyvmat variety of digital and mechanical models including Chinese theodolite, and enter the main theodolite and offers service and repairs .