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Specialist repair shop

Specialty Repair Zhyvmat

Repair Repair Specialist Zhyvmat proud of having well-equipped and highly trained manpower in manufacturing, including a certificate of Leica surveying equipment(leica) Switzerland, Sanding (Sanding) ، DAD و… is.

Repair also has a qualification certificate from Leica (leica) Switzerland is capable of. Zhyvmat equipped to support Repair, staffing
Trained, have always supported a wide range of spare parts sales and customers are.
Repair of camera mapping, types of Total Station, the Leica camera leica total, a variety of digital and mechanical theodolite and leveling of the camera, GPS (GPS) Garmin Handheld GPS (GPS) Laser contour line station and a variety of meters and accessories

Specialty Repair Zhyvmat in two separate parts of electronic and mechanical services for the offers

1. The holder of numerous prestigious Community of plants

2.Zhyvmat experts with different degree courses overhaul of Switzerland's Leica

3.Repair of Leica Swiss certification authority

4.Taking advantage of skilled and trained in the factories Devices

5.Calibration certificate for each device

6.Internal report of the Total station by the original factory software

7.Equipped with the most advanced set collimator device

8.Equipped with a laser device and the Tvlyaby

9.Equipped with the most complete set of spare parts for all devices branded in Iran and China

10.The most specialized repairs on a motherboard, EDM Total Station and GPS sensor and controller

Honor gheomath : Power 100% On repairs Leica total stations

Our clients have no means of terms such as lack of plot or possible lack of repair will not hear.

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