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قطب نما وسیله کوچکی است به اندازه ساعت جیبی و یا کمی بزرگتر و مانند آن دارای صفحه مدرج و عقربه است.

صفحه مدرج آن از صفر تا 360 یا 400 گراد و یا 6400میلیم تقسیم بندی می‌شود.


Workmanship compass

Compass needle when you open the door, open and rotates around its axis .

Due to the magnetic force of the earth's magnetic north pole is always in one direction, given that the stands and it shows us.

It never does wrong hands, unless placed near objects of iron or steel or cable.

Therefore, when using the compass deviation should make sure that its objects, generally away.




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