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Optical leveling device that is used to determine the height difference between two or more points to each other or to

A datum is used in surveying or construction. Among the primary devices used

Seeking to align Water Levels (Water Level) Which was used by Iranians. The balance pipe of cane

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The height between the two points was.


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  • Leveling device and its components
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Benchmarking |

It is said to be operational benchmarking to determine the height difference between two points or a point or points will be done .
Height : The vertical distance of a point compared to the level
Levels Compare : Or geoid is the surface of the high seas . The mapping operation is sometimes compared to a surface other than the surface of the ocean surface and consider all points of view with respect to its height level compared to conventional measure . The geoid has Anhnast, but in cases where height is measured over a small surface area compared to the horizontal plane perpendicular to the vertical line at the site considered . For those who are not negative in height to height, is often the basis for selecting the lower level of the lowest point of the area to choose to measure .
Plane : All Nqatsh along its vertical surface that is vertical dots . In a small area in each region can be said to parallel the level surface waters such as lakes and swamps resident . So, anywhere there is more than one level .
Contour line : Each line in the plane is called the contour line . Therefore, there is a point of infinite contour line .
The base level : The average water level of the high seas with the assumption that the drought continues .
Extension of an existing : The vertical line that passes through the center of the earth .
Page horizon : Along the vertical or vertical plane perpendicular to that point.



Leveling device |

Three upper, middle and lower composed . قسمت فوقانی شامل تلسکوپ و وسایل قراول روی و قسمت میانی شامل تراز و صفحه مدرج و قسمت تحتانی شامل پیچ های تراز کننده و اتصال و صفحه اتصال دستگاه روی سه پایه است که هر قسمت ضمائمی دارد .
Different parts of leveling characteristics are as follows :
الف/ پایه که به وسیله سه یا چهار پیچ تراز کننده روی صفحه زیر پایه تکیه میکند و روی آن یک تراز قرار دارد و روی هر پایه دایره مدرج افقی برای اندازه گیری زاویه افقی طراحی شده است .
B / camera in the balance (For automatic levels or Kmpansatvr) For horizontal line marks on the . However, this time around the vertical axis, and the position is closed with a screw holder and screws minor move side to side slightly in turns to be on the goal line Reticuli .
C / trumpet is part of the camera angle of view with which it can be made larger to be seen with the eye of round objects . Trumpet in a leveling of the objective lens (A set of multiple lenses stuck together) Page Reticuli and eyepiece, which contains one or more lenses, it is Yshkyl . One special feature is the leveling of magnification objective lens with a focal length of the focal length of the eyepiece defined . Therefore, the larger the aperture of the objective lens magnification is larger devices .
D / cords Reticuli that this could be a sign of a certain point of view on the place of the cords used Reticuli . The trumpet page to page Reticuli (The mesh is) Located on the horizontal and vertical cords for signs carved on . Tar leveling detailed in half horizontally to form the plug that state compliance with morbidity lines (Index) Easier .
AH / or the line of sight of the camera optical axis, an imaginary line to the intersection of the objective lens and eyepiece connecting cords Reticuli centers . This line is called the line Klymasyvn .
And / vertical axis is camera-centric device in a horizontal plane during the leveling Joel .
Leveling machine
Align the camera mapping device is used for horizontal and vertical axes a . Usually alignment of a glass container, which is filled inside of ether or alcohol and it remains only an empty bubble has been corrected . Usually balances 2 Kinds : Balance and align spherical or cylindrical tube .
Spherical balance : از یک استوانه شیشه ای تشکیل شده است که قسمت بالای آن از داخل به صورت کروی است و به جز یک حباب دایره ای شکل یا مایع حساس ، که همان اتر یا الکل است ، پر شده و در یک محفظه فلزی جای گرفته است . In these states alignment axis is the line perpendicular to the tangent at the midpoint of the balance, the balance of the approximate spherical surface for horizontal or vertical insert a shaft used .
Align tube or cylindrical : Flush pipes of a glass tube, which on top of its cylindrical shape is curved like a certain radius, composed . Both ends of the pipe is blocked with alcohol and ether, to the extent that there is a bubble in it, filled .
To view the status bubble divisions to periodically flush out pipes (2Mm) Embedded . Divisions mark the midpoint of the middle and along the alignment axis direction of the tangent at this point or line level Hadi said . So to help these balances based on line of sight or Klymasyvn the horizontal or vertical axis of the device to be .


Index (Mir) |

خط کش چوبی است که با تقسیم به سانتیمتر مدرج شده است و برای سهولت خواندن آن سانتیمترها غالباً یک در میان به رنگ قرمز یا سیاه در زمینه سفید رنگ نشان داده شده اند و هر ده سانتیمتر با خط بزرگتر مشخص شده است .
This device is used to determine the difference between two points and the point is to put the vertical mode . For vertical placement of mortality usually spherical flush mounted next to it . Some of them are equipped with a small balance .
It usually also made of wood and its length 2 یا 3 یا 4 M, a width of between 12-7 Cm . Its thickness depends on the type of wood it is made of a few centimeters . For ease of transportation deaths of pliancy with clamp connectors are written in reverse .adad some of the morbidity associated with reverse camera used . In other directly, which is used to place cameras . Consultants mortality numbers for 4 And when benchmarking the tar-digit number that is read on it Reticuli


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