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Inclinometer tool to measure the angle of a slope, height or lifting an object due to gravity is. The device, called a protractor (inclinometer), Facing slope (tilt indicator)Monitor tilt (slope gauge)Gradient gauge (gradient meter or gradiometer)Monitor levels (level gauge or level meter)And the deviation facade (declinometer) Is known. Inclinometer could also upward slopes (The positive slope of the slope by the viewer when you look from the bottom up) And the downward sloping (The slope of the curve slope by the viewer when the viewer when he looks down from the top) Measure.


Angle gauges are used for the following applications: Determine latitude by Polaris (In the northern hemisphere) And the stars of the constellation of Crux (In Southern Hemisphere) Earth's magnetic field determines the angle of the flat (Flat)

View the changes of the vertical or horizontal mapping (To measure the angle of terrain)

To alert the operator when there is a risk of collision or fall.

Measuring the slope of the terrain embankment during the construction of civil structures

Geophysical measuring small changes in Earth's tilt, especially to predict volcano

Measuring creep walls and floor in the building construction projects some automatic safety systems

Measuring angles vehicles (Such as aircraft, cars and …) Over the horizon

Measuring the angle between satellite receiver and satellite antenna

Measuring angle measuring device (Ropes, chains and …) When measuring the distance to the horizon

Measure the height of objects using trigonometric relationships

Drilling angle measurement while drilling

Measure the ups and downs of the ship in calm waters and the restless

Measuring slope during construction of the ski resort

Measuring the amount of freedom of movement in the joints of the body

Angle measurement climbers and finally calculate the height of objects in the absence of direct access to the top and measure the height using existing methods may not

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