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Geomath-Mapping Equipment
Geomath-Mapping Equipment

Specialist repair shop

The geomaterial mapping equipment equipped with the largest department of the equipment for mapping supplies in Iran and in two separate electronic and mechanical parts offers the following services: :

1- Calibration certificate for each device
2- Internal report of the Total station by the original factory software
3- Equipped with the most advanced set collimator device
4- Equipped with a laser device and the Tvlyaby
5- Taking advantage of skilled and trained in the factories Devices
6- The holder of numerous prestigious Community of plants
7- Equipped with the most complete set of spare parts for all devices branded in Iran and China
8- The most specialized repairs on a motherboard, EDM Total Station and sensors and controllers GPS


Honor gheomath : Power 100% Leica Total Station for the repair of our customers in any way possible phrases such as absence or lack of repair parts will not hear.


After sales services of Geomaterial Company

Install and update software mapping device
Persian translation of Applied how to operate the machine
Settings mapping software

a. View and download images of new devices and related software
b. Download New Articles
c. Download Persian books directly with the Web Administrator

Free advice on buying
Advice on setting up and mapping projects along until the end of the project
Installation of the GPS Map
Mapping of local custom and installation of the GPS
Professional training how to work with devices
Specialized training related software
Taking advantage of senior experts and professors in the field of geodesy and mapping, remote sensing and photogrammetry general trends in the field of consulting and training

The company's after-sales service to customers acknowledged as the most obvious feature is the series progresses.